четвъртък, 29 юли 2010 г.

Time for shopping

my last purchase
 white purse and the book "Love lasts three years" (Frédéric Beigbeder).I already read it and tell you that is great book.

Honesty, not perfection
"The first time you fall in love, you're looking for perfection. The second time, you're looking for honesty. The sexiest thing about a woman is her health. I love a woman who radiates health! I want to watch her frolic, and laugh, to stuff herself silly! Her teeth should be white as the whites of her eyes, her mouth as fresh as a newly-made bed, her lips like cherries whose every kiss is a jewel, her skin as taut as a tom-tom, her breasts as round as a pair of boules, her clavicle delicate as a wishbone, her legs as golden as Tuscany, and her arse as round as a baby's cheek. But most importantly she should never wear make-up. She shouldn't smell of perfume and cigarettes but of milk and sweat" (p. 225)

the pearls and VICE magazine are forever a la mode  :)


понеделник, 26 юли 2010 г.

TIE-DYE mania

Le blue est à la mode cette année

It's rainy today,but I don't want to lose my summer spirit.....my old jeans transformed in to TIE-DIY jeans and my fav scarf from Zara.

top-H&M ; scarf-Zara ; vintage jeans ;bag- Moschino

събота, 3 юли 2010 г.

Традицията повелява...

Явно в началото на всеки месец ще имам нов пост,планирам обаче за съм по-сериозна през юли-имам желание и свободно време.

Sous le ciel de Paris.....dans mes reves :)